Suggested Itinerary

Day 1:
Coffee tour (Finca Lamastus, Finca La Milagrosa or Finca Kotowa)
Canopy zipline or suspension bridges
Dinner Hotel Panamonte or The Rock

Day 2:
Hiking and Birdwatching in Pipeline
Caldera thermal springs
Barú Volcano or Los Quetzales Trails (advanced hiking)
Beers in Boquete Brewery
Dinner at RetroGusto or Tre Scalini

Day 3:
Tierras Altas
Haras Cerro Punta
Finca Dracula Orchid Farm
Strawberries in Cerro Punta
Dinner at Beer Garden in Casa Grande Bambito

Day 4:
Finca Lara, Ceriana or Janson
Sitio Barriles
Dinner La Carbonera or Cerro Brujo Gourmet

Day 5:
Gulf of Chiriquí
Tour to Gamez, Bolaños and Paridas Islands
Dinner in Bocas del Mar